ABV: 5.2%

Tasting Notes: Our take on a traditional Dunkelweizen, 1893 evokes memories of freshly baked homemade banana bread. Showcasing its distinctive yeast-derived notes of banana and clove, balanced by a creamy medium body with subtle hints of caramel and vanilla. This brew truly takes you back to a different time!

About: In 1893, George Blickensderfer invented and manufactured the first portable typewriters in Stamford, Connecticut. Due to strong foreign demand for his machines, the Blick #5 became a best seller, and the company became one of the world’s largest typewriter manufacturers. The factory in Stamford employed more than 200 people and produced about 10,000 typewriters per year at its peak.

The laptop of its day, a typical Blick contained only 250 parts, compared to the 2,500 parts of a standard typewriter. It was much smaller, lighter and cheaper than others. Blickensderfer’s invention would forever change the world and helped Connecticut pave the way to the future.