Into the Woods

New England Style IPA

ABV: 6.5% | Hops: Mosaic, Columbus

The resinous citrus characteristics of a New England IPA with a bold woodsy essence that is derived from both the Mosaic and the Columbus hops. The Mosaic hops continues to shine through with a subtle rose blossom aroma and underlying notes of papaya, melon, and spice.


More about Into the Woods

Did you know there are 825 miles of the Blue-Blazed hiking trails in Connecticut? These trails are marked with blue rectangular blazes and are a trail system that offers a great way to explore the woodlands, remote ridges, and wild places of Connecticut. The trails are open year-round to foot traffic. Choose to hike on a blue trail or blaze your own path and celebrate adventure by enjoying the great taste that going “Into the Woods” brings and know by purchasing this beer you are helping to keep those blue trails open for a portion of the sale of this beer goes to the Connecticut Forest and Park Association.


“And into the woods I go to lose my mind and find my soul.” That quote pretty much sums up the Blue Blaze Trails. We hope you get as inspired as we have to go out and enjoy what these trails have to offer. To learn more about where the trails are or how you can help to keep them alive for others to enjoy, visit (CT Forest and Park Association)