Acoustic Sundays: Chris Marolda

November 10, 2019 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm CT Valley Brewing

Chris Marolda delivers a performance of radio hits and songs from all eras of rock music. His voice covers terrain from soft and sweet to strong and soulful, while his guitar playing is peppered with blues, rock, funk, folk and jazz influences. Chris plays a wide range of tastes consisting of artists such as Paul Simon, The Eagles, Stevie Wonder, Talking Heads, Train, Tom Petty, Prince, Bruno Mars, and many others. Although he plays a broad range of styles, his, “Favorite stuff is groovy and funky. Out of my entire repertoire I’d say my favorite song is Peg by Steely Dan. But I also really like playing fingerstyle stuff on a classical guitar, which I will often open my shows with (Black Bird by the Beatles is one of my favorites in that style).”

Check out some of Chris’ music on Facebook.