Coffee Porter

ABV: 7.3%

Tasting Notes: Wake up and smell the porter! 1901, our Coffee Porter features a cold brew coffee locally roasted by J. Rene Coffee Roasters. This medium bodied brew hits you immediately with a rich coffee aroma. Slightly sweet hints of chocolate and toasted malts, and subtle undertones of fruity sweetness from the unique blend of Sumatra Gayo OrangUtan coffee are balanced by a hint of lingering bitterness—combining into an unexpectedly smooth brew.

About: In 1901, Gustave Whitehead built his 21st manned aircraft in Bridgeport, Connecticut. He called it the “Condor.” That summer – more than two years before the Wright Brothers – he made history’s first manned, powered, controlled, sustained flight in a heavier-than-air aircraft.

More than a century later, upon conclusion of peer review, both houses of the Connecticut legislature unanimously resolved to commemorate Whitehead’s achievement. The law was signed by Governor Dannel Malloy and took effect on June 26, 2013.