Fueled by Gravity

Imperial New England Style IPA

ABV: 8% | Hops: Galaxy

Tasting Notes: Double Galaxy New England IPA. The style says it all: this single hop brew showcases the beauty of the Galaxy (hops, that is). Copious quantities of Galaxy are added at several stages of the brew to create this 8% beauty. Deceptively smooth but by no mean subtle, Fueled By Gravity hits your nose with bursting citrus aroma before caressing your palate with clean tropical flavors of mango, and undertones of zesty pineapple and hints of key lime. Experience for yourself what happens when Galaxies collide.

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Did you know that Our Milky Way Galaxy is on a collision course with the Andromeda Galaxy and it is fueled by gravity.

When these two galaxies collide there will be fireworks and the star formation rates will ramp up to 10 times their normal pace. In a cosmic flash, billions of new stars will be born. For a brief moment, astronomically speaking, the merged galaxies will be brighter than ever before.