New England Style IPA

ABV: 8% | Hops: Citra, Centennial

Our signature New England style IPA, Trailblazer hits you with a bouquet of fresh citrus from the first crack of the can. A copious amount of Citra hops impart bold resinous orange characteristics with light tropical undertones and finishes with an onslaught of pithy grapefruit zest.


More about Trailblazer

Trailblazer is one of our most enticing craft beers that will rev up your palate with an explosion of fresh “unfiltered” hop. This beer has an irresistibly intense flavor! At Connecticut Valley Brewing Company, we celebrate the trailblazing spirit that lies within us all. That is why Trailblazer, Colonel Albert Pope, adorns this can racing on his signature Pope Cycle. Pope not only formed the League of American Wheelman to improve roads, he also produced one of the first motorcycles and electric automobiles. By 1900, Col. Pope’s (Hartford, CT) factory produced more motor vehicles than any other factory in the world.



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